Receive a Scam Offer Letter? Will TB Properties Match the Price?

Receive a Scam Offer Letter? Will TB Properties Match the Price?

Hi, I am Beth with TB Properties Buys Land. Today I want to discuss a question that we get fairly often. A lot of times we’ll get a call or an email and someone will tell us,

“Hey, I received this scam offer letter in the mail. I don’t know if it’s a scam or not and I don’t know if I want to work with them. Would TB Properties Buys Land be willing to buy my property instead?”

Full disclosure: we also send out letters from time to time, with offers to purchase property in various counties and states around the country. Now, we may not have sent you a letter. Even if we haven’t sent you a letter, but you received an offer letter from someone else but you aren’t sure if you want to work with them, you can always contact us for a quote on purchasing your property using cash but going through a Title Company. Maybe the company or person who offered to buy your property isn’t giving you the warm and fuzzies, perhaps you’re looking for a reputable group that you feel more comfortable working with, or maybe it’s that you’re not getting the attention that you need at the other company. We’re happy to take a look at your property and offer you a quote to purchase your property from you.

In order to provide you with an offer to purchase your land, the only information we will need from you is the name of the state and the county where your property is located, as well as the assessor’s parcel number or the APN. This can also be called the parcel number. What we are asking for is public information that identifies your property. We will not ask for any personal information such as social security number or anything else like that. Always be careful who you give your personal information to! As for the property’s APN, you can find this on your tax assessment bill that comes in the main. It can generally be looked up on your county’s website as well. If you don’t have the APN, we can attempt a reverse lookup using the name that the county has on record as owning the property. It would help in that case to have the names that are listed on the deed of the property and then also the name of who’s receiving the tax bills every year. Sometimes we can do a reverse lookup, but if you have a name like John Smith, there might be a million John Smiths in your county and it just might not be feasible. Generally, the APN is the easiest way for us to find your property.

I hope this answers your question. If you received what you think is a scam offer letter or you don’t feel comfortable working with another company, we’re happy to look at your property. The worst thing we can say is, “Hey, this isn’t the kind of property that we’re looking to buy right now.” But maybe we are buying your size property in your market area. There have been many instances where someone has come to us and said, “Well, I don’t know that we trust this other group. It might be a scam, but we would like to see if you guys could buy our property from us.” So give us a try. We look forward to working with you.

Here at TB Properties Buys Land, we purchase vacant land, anything 10 plus and above, around the country, and we always close through title companies. The reason we do close through Title is for your protection as well as ours. Title takes care of the legal paperwork. We pay the title company and the title company cuts you the check or they wire you the funds and it is the Title Company that sends us the deed to the property once you’ve signed it. We like going through Title because they make sure that it’s clean on both sides.

We also pay in cash that we can close faster. Plan on a three to four week close date when you work with TB Properties Buys Land. We also try to be very transparent. You’re able to contact the title company throughout the transaction, ask them questions directly. You can call us and ask us questions. We try to make it easy and seamless and seamless. There’s nothing that you have to do on your side or extras you have to pay for; Title takes care of all closing documents and we pay all closing costs. We provide the very simple purchase agreement; it’s just one page. Once you sign that, we’ll send that to the title company, and they do the paperwork, they do everything. They provide different closing options and any instructions you might need. We try to make it as easy, as quick and as painless as possible for you.

If you have questions, please reach out to us. If you have received a scam offer letter and you want to get a second opinion, or if you want to work with us, reach out. We’re happy to look at your property and see if we can buy it from you. Thanks again.

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