Did You Receive an Offer to Buy Your Land?

Did you receive an offer from TB Properties Buys Land to purchase your rural, vacant land? In this video, Beth discusses the process of how we purchase land, closing through a local area Title Company. She explains just how fast and easy it can be! “Hi, my name is Beth with TB Properties Buys Land. … Continued

Is the Assessed Value of Your Land Reliable?

Beth: Hi, I'm Beth with TB Properties Buys Land. This week we received an email from someone with a vacant land parcel and they were asking about the value of their parcel. And they were saying, "Hey, the County Assessor's Office has valued the property at this particular value. How close is that to being…

The Advantages of Selling Your Texas Land to an Investor Instead of Using a Realtor

If you are a landowner in Texas, selling your land can be a significant decision that involves navigating various considerations, including the choice between traditional real estate methods and alternative routes such as selling to an investor. While realtors have long been the go-to professionals for property transactions, an increasing number of landowners are discovering … Continued

Protect Yourself from Scam Offer Letters

Beth: Hi, I am Beth with TB Properties Buys Land. We get a lot of questions from land sellers about scam offer letters and how to protect yourself from real estate investors that may be trying to take advantage of you. This brings up an example that I wanted to share with you. There was … Continued

5 Ways to Profit From Land in Archer County, TX

In the diversity department for real estate Investors, land offers a great variety, and you’re likely to find a way to incorporate your life passions and investments. But, of course, once you’ve found your investment property, you must pay the right price to realize the best return on the investment. But first, you’ll need to … Continued

5 Ways Homeowners in Montague County, TX Can Get Out of Debt

Are you a homeowner who wants to get out of debt? Struggling to climb out of debt while paying exorbitant interest on your loans can be overwhelming. Another hurdle for many is the fear of changing lifestyles and doing without shopping therapy and all of the little perks and comforts they’ve grown accustomed to in … Continued

Do You Have to Sell Your Land Through a Realtor?

Beth: Hey there, there’s a question that we get from time to time that I want to address today. That question is, “Do I have to sell my land through a real estate agent or can I sell it to an individual or entity like a real estate investor, such as TB Properties Buys Land?” … Continued

Why Right Now is the Best Time to Sell Your Land in Jack County, TX

Savvy real estate investors understand that flexibility with your investment strategy is the key to success. If you’re considering selling your land, it‘s entirely understandable that you are hesitant to sell an investment you believed would be yours for many years. However, life has a way of happening to us, and many factors can influence … Continued

Does it Matter Which Title Company You Use When Selling Your Land?

Beth: Hi, I am Beth with TB Properties Buys Land. Today we’re going to address the question: does it matter which Title Company that you select when selling your property to a real estate investor? First of all, I think it’s important that when buying or selling a property, to close through a title company. … Continued