You Received An Offer to Buy Your Land – What if You Have a Different Property to Sell?

You Received An Offer to Buy Your Land - What if You Have a Different Property to Sell?
Hi, I’m Beth with TB Properties Buys Land. Did you receive a letter in the mail with an offer to purchase your rural vacant land? Is this land that you’re not quite willing to part with at this time? But do you have other land that you might be willing to sell? Maybe that land is out of the county, out of state, or anywhere else. If you’ve got rural vacant land that you’re willing to sell, please feel free to reach out to us. TB Properties Buys Land purchases property across the country at this time. There are certain areas that we do more business in, so we have a little bit more information and we can get a quote to you a little bit faster. However, we are willing to purchase recreational tracts all over the country.

So what we’re looking for right now is 10 acres and above, but we might be willing to look at other acreage if you’ve got something a little bit smaller. So it’s not going to hurt, just reach out to us. We’re willing to take a look at the property and get you a quote. You do not have to have a Realtor. You can work with a Realtor, but you don’t have to use a Realtor to work with us. We will purchase your property, we do purchase with cash, and we work through a title company. That way you don’t have to worry about paperwork or how everything’s going to work and things being on the up and up. We will look for a local title company that will handle transactions within that county. We provide the paperwork; we’ve got a single page purchase agreement that we send to you as the seller. It should be pretty simple, it’s all laid out in one page, and we answer any questions that you might have.

That purchase agreement, once it’s signed, goes to the title company and they pull the title commitment and all the information. They’ll pull the closing paperwork, they’ll send that to you. We will fund the title company and they’ll fund you through a wire transfer or a cashier’s check. But that way, you get paid directly from the title company, all the paperwork and the closing is done to the title company. That way you’re protected throughout the transaction.

You are able to call us at any time with any questions that you might have. But if you received a letter in the mail with an offer to purchase your old vacant land, and that’s not the property that you want to sell, but you have other property that you are open to selling, please feel free to reach out to us. We’d love to take a look and see if we can make you an offer. If you’ve got multiple properties that you’d like to sell at the same time, we’re open to doing that as well. I appreciate you listening and look forward to working with you. Thanks.
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