Who Coordinates the Sale of Your Raw Land?

Who Coordinates the Sale of Your Raw Land?

Hi, I’m Beth with TB Properties Buys Land. Today, I’m going to answer a question regarding who coordinates the transaction of your land sale when you are selling your rural vacant land to a land investor, such as TB Properties Buys Land. Normally, when you think of selling your home or property, you think of working with a realtor. The realtor would have you fill out paperwork just to use their services and then again when someone is ready to purchase your property, they would work up the contract between you and the buyer of your property, and then it goes on to title, but if you’re selling your property yourself, how does that part work? Do you, as the land seller, have to come up with your own contract? Do you need to select a title company, and find a title officer, and figure out all the details? While I cannot speak for all land investors, I can share with you that here at TB Properties Buys Land, when it comes to coordinating the sale of your property, we’re happy to coordinate the sale of your property for you, before it moves on to Title.

I’ll explain exactly what that means and how that works. First of all, the first step after you agree to a price, is getting a contract in your hands. We provide a simple one-page contract that lays out all the information regarding what the property is and how we, as TB Properties Buys Land, are paying for all of the closing costs. We send the one page contract to you and it’s very simple. We make sure that it’s simple enough that you don’t have to hire an attorney in order to understand it. That’s the first step in terms of coordinating the sale. After both parties sign the contract, we send the contract over to the title company. We take the time to select a title company within the county where your property’s located and there are a few reasons for that. First of all, they must be legally able to transact within the county where your property is located. Next, they will have a relationship with the county office, they can pull the records quickly and generally more dependably. Again, once both parties sign the contract, we email the contract to Title and we always copy you on the email to the title company. We make sure that you’re on all the communication with them. In this manner, you have a direct line of communication with Title and if you wish to reach out to them directly on your own, you’re welcome to do so.

Once it’s in the Title Company’s hands, we stay on them and make sure they send out the Title Commitment to both of us in a timely manner. We make sure that they’re on time with closing documents as well. When it comes to the actual closing of the sale, you have the option of two different ways to close. You can close in person by showing up at an appointment with the title company and signing the papers there. If this is your choice, oftentimes, you’ll receive a check in hand at the close of transaction. If you are out of the area or don’t want to worry about making an appointment, your second option is that you can close remotely, and in this way, they will overnight you the documents so that you can sign it in front of your notary. Whether you use your local bank for a free notary or you go to a local Pak Mail type place, you get the documents notarized, they’ll send you a shipping label, and you send it back to the title company for remote closing.

When it comes to coordinating the sale of your property, you don’t have to worry about using a realtor if you’ve got a company like TB Properties Buys Land, who’s going to coordinate that transaction for you. One, we provide the contract, and again, you always have the right to negotiate that contract and make sure you understand it before you sign it. Then we handle the title company making sure that they get everything out to you, but when it comes to the sale, the transaction, title company is the one who’s going to do the paperwork, and they’re going to collect the funds from us, and they will fund you at the close of the transaction just like when you’re selling your house. Hopefully that answers some questions that you might have about who’s handling the coordination of your sale. If you have questions though, please feel free to reach out to us here at TB Properties Buys Land. We look forward to working with you. Thanks again.

If I ever want to sell another property I’d work with them again.

I got a letter in the mail from TB Properties Buys Land to buy one of my properties but I wasn’t interested in selling that property. Instead they bought 4 of my lots in another state. There wasn’t much to it and I’m happy with the transaction. If I ever want to sell another property I’d work with them again.

– John Pernichele of Klamath County, OR
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