Selling Vacant Land with Power of Attorney

Selling Vacant Land with a Power of Attorney


Hi, I’m Beth with TB Properties Buys Land. Today, we’re going to talk more about inherited land, but I wanted to go over a recent example of a property owner that we’re working with in which this property owner has power of attorney for his aunt.

As you may be able to tell from past posts, we have many different examples of inherited land. With this particular gentleman, he’s trying to sell his aunt’s property while dealing with her estate. He contacted us and said, “Listen, the deed is not in my name. It’s in my aunt’s name, but I do have power of attorney. How do we proceed with this?”

Actually, so far it’s been quite easy. After discussing all the information, finding out he’s got power of attorney, seeing the documentation, we have sent a contract out to him. But the way we labeled it was his name, comma, power of attorney for the estate of so-and-so. And so we have him signing for that.

He signed the contract last night. And we’re going to go ahead and send that contract over to the title company, along with the power of attorney paperwork.

Since this article was published, it was discovered that his aunt is deceased and now the Power of Attorney paperwork does not apply. Even so, in her will, the property was left to the gentleman we are working with and the Title Company asked that we send the probated will to them.
Once we get a little further along in the title process, we will find out if the title company’s going to want a copy of the death certificate if that’s not on file with that particular county. Sometimes it will be if the property owner died in the county where the property is located. But if they’ve died elsewhere, often their death will not be recorded within the property location’s county records and that will need to be updated.

Once we get a little further along in the process, the title company will understand when they pull the title paperwork, why this gentleman’s signing for the property when it’s in somebody else’s name. It’ll be up to the title company exactly what they need in terms of death certificate, probated will information or anything else.

We will simply respond to what the Title Company needs as we go forward. But I did want to let you know, if you’ve got inherited property, or if you’re a power of attorney and you need to sign off, that is something that we can do. We always work through a reputable and licensed title company in the county in which the property’s located. That way, things are done in a straightforward manner.

The last thing that TB Properties Buys Land wants to happen is somebody sells property that’s not legally theirs. And that’s why we work through a title company so that they make sure everything’s done right. They will be deliberate and careful in the title conveyance process so that everyone is assured the sale is secure.

Anyway, hopefully, this answers some of your questions. If you’ve got power of attorney questions, or inherited property questions or if you have more specific questions regarding the sale of your vacant land for cash, please reach out to us. We’re available and we’re interested in helping you. Thanks

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