How Can I Sell my Bare Land Faster?

How Can I Sell my Bare Land Faster?

Hi, I’m Beth with TB Properties Buys Land. In the last several videos, we’ve discussed how long you might expect for your vacant land property to sit on the market before it sells as well as what might delay the sale of your property. Today we are going to address how you might be able to speed up the time in which your property is able to sell. How does that sound?

To begin, let’s compare someone buying your land to someone buying a home. Consider this: will your home sell faster if it’s a fixer-upper or if it’s already been fixed up and it’s move-in ready? Homes tend to sell faster and sell for higher dollar values when they have already been fixed up and are move-in ready. The same thing goes for land. With that said, what does your land look like? Is it all grown up and the driveway is grown over? Is there a bunch of brush making it really difficult to get onto the property without all kinds of equipment to protect yourself? Is there at least a small area that’s been cleared of the trees so that someone can drive onto the property or park their truck, camper or RV? Can a potential buyer visualize building their rugged cabin in that space and enjoy their sunrise view while drinking their morning coffee?

The question I have for you about your land that you wish to sell is this? is it cleaned up and does it look good? Is it ready to sell? What about the road going into the property? In what shape is that? If it’s not county-maintained and is a private road, are their holes you need to fill to make it more easily accessible for potential buyers, especially if they’re hauling in their RV to your land? Do you have a driveway onto your property yet or do you need to hire a contractor to put in a driveway, put the gravel down, or do you need asphalt in that area? Ask yourself this: what is needed to fix this property up and get it ready to sell? Do you have a recent survey of your property or is Title going to slow you down by asking for a survey once the property is under contract? A potential buyer may not be willing to make you an offer without seeing a recent survey and making sure that everything’s in order so having a recent survey may improve your chances of selling your property quicky.

None of these videos that we create constitute legal advice but in sum, when it comes to speeding up the sale of your property, there are a few things to consider that may be able to help. Having a recent survey is one. Keep in mind that it may take one to even two months to have the survey in hand so it may be worth ordering your survey ahead of time, well before you list it. The second way to increase your chances of a quick sale of your property is making sure that your property is cleaned up and looking good. These are things that could speed up the sale of your property so that it’s not sitting on the market as long as others. This may prevent potential buyers from deciding to buy a different property down the road versus yours. Hopefully some of this advice helps.

If you want to avoid your property from sitting on the market too long and worrying about what’s going to happen with interest rates and bank failures and people’s ability to get loans, and whether property values will stay stable or fall, there is another way to sell your property. Here at TB Properties Buys Land, we are real estate investors and we purchase vacant land with cash. That means that we are not beholden to a mortgage lender to get a loan, and we don’t have to worry about appraisers and your land appraising for the value that we’re buying it for. We pay in cash, we close through a title company for safety, and it allows us to purchase within 3 to 5 weeks, very, very fast.

If you have questions about the sale of your vacant land and you want to get paid cash quickly, reach out to us. We’re happy to answer any questions that you might have, and we look forward to hearing from you. Thanks again.

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