Does the Land Buyer You Are Selling to Have Rave Reviews?

The Importance of Great Reviews From a Land Investor
Beth discusses the importance of vetting the real estate investor you plan to work with when you are ready to sell your vacant land.

Hi, I’m Beth with TB Properties Buys Land and today I wanted to talk to you about the importance of checking reviews when you’re looking to sell your rural vacant land for cash fast to a real estate investor.

Most people have purchased on Amazon or on eBay before. Before making that purchase, what is the first thing you do? You read the reviews! You understand that out of 8,000 reviews for a single product that there is bound to be a few bad ones but you read through the good and the bad and you make a decision based on what you read. If you have ever had to hire a contractor to remodel your home or are simply deciding where to take your car in for a repair, you read the reviews and look to work with the group with the most positive and glowing reviews. In much the same way, when working with a real estate investor to sell your rural vacant land, whether in Washington, Oregon, Wisconsin, Arkansas, Missouri or even Texas or anywhere else in the country you are essentially partnering with them to sell your rural, vacant land to them so you want to check around to make sure you are working with someone who is reputable.

You are essentially partnering with them to sell your rural, vacant land to them so you want to check around to make sure you are working with someone who is reputable.

You want to check reviews to find out:

Do they do what they say they’re going to do?

Do they pay you cash? Or do they want to wait for a loan approval that might take 30-60 days?

Do they “self close” or do they actually work with a reputable Title Company to close the transaction?

Are they on time? Or are they pushing out the closing date time and time again?

Is their paperwork simple and easy to understand or is there a TON of fine print?

Do they take the time to listen to you and understand your position or are they rushing you, maybe even pressuring you?  

Do they seem like “good” people or do you get a different vibe?

These may be just a few of the things you want to learn when searching for positive reviews for land buyers who may be interested in buying your rural vacant land. If you’re interested in learning a little more about our process and how TB Properties Buys Land works with land sellers, please give us a call at 214-699-4455 to speak with a real person. If you prefer email, you can reach out to us that way too. Be sure to check out our testimonials page and read about what other land sellers have said about us. We want your land selling experience to be easy and effortless. We use a simple, single page purchase agreement, we work with Title Companies and we communicate with you directly through every step of the process. We encourage your direct communication with the Title Company too for complete transparency and time our transactions to get you your CASH fast. If you have rural, vacant land to sell in Washington, Oregon, Wisconsin, Missouri, Arkansas, Texas or anywhere else, we hope you will check out our great reviews and work with us TB Properties Buys Land. Thanks!

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