Do I Need an Agent to Sell my Bare Land?

Do I Need an Agent to Sell my Bare Land?
Hi, I’m Beth with TB Properties Buys Land. Do you need to have an agent in order to sell your rural vacant land? Normally when you decide to buy a home, you locate a realtor in your area. Perhaps you seek someone that you’ve heard of or has great referrals and they take you around from house to house so that you can find that perfect piece of property. When you go to sell your property, you’re looking for the best realtor in the area who’s going to market your property well and get you the top dollar. But do you need an agent to sell that property if you’ve already got an investor buying your land?

Let’s think about all the things that a realtor does when it comes to closing. They select a title company, they walk it through title, they provide all the paperwork so that everything is laid out. I mean, some of these things seems really over your head, right? So when it comes to selling your land, do you have to have an agent in order to sell it? The question I’ve got for you in response to that question is another one and it’s: have you ever heard of for sale by owner?

When you’re working with a real estate investor, that’s exactly what you’re doing. Your land is for sale by owner. Except you don’t have to be the one that has all the answers. When you’re working with a company like TB Properties Buys Land, that’s what we do. We purchase rural vacant land, 10 plus acres all over the country. We have a very simple template, a very easy contract. It’s one page. I know realtors have 14, 20 plus pages for you to sign in order to list that property. There’s a lot of “cover your butts” in there.

We don’t have that. Ours is very simple. It lists out the property that you have. It lists all the closing costs one by one and it says explicitly that we’re covering each of those. The only thing it says is that if you have any liens against your property that you’ll pay those. It lists the closing date and the title company and there are places for both of us to sign. As you can see, it’s very, very simple.

TB Properties provides the contract. We’ll also select a title company that’s licensed to work in the county where your property is located. Now, if you have a title company that you know of, that you worked with in the past and you’d prefer to use them, we’re open to that. We have no problem using any title company so long as they are licensed within that county. Again, we have the paperwork, we’ll select a title company to work through and we answer any questions the title company has so that we can make the transaction as simple and easy on you as possible. It is important to note that you can be as involved in the transaction as you wish. You are more than welcome to reach out to the Title Company directly with any of your own questions.

In sum, if your property is for sale by owner, you do not have to have an agent to sell your property and you do not have to worry about all of the things that an agent does because we do that for you. Agents tend to split a 10% commission on vacant land so consider the savings selling your land yourself. TB Properties Buys Land will provide the contract, select the Title Company, and we will copy you on the email to the title company with the contract in order to open up escrow. After that, Title will reach out to you with the Title Commitment and then with closing documents and ask, how would you like to be paid? Throughout the transaction you can always reach out to us with any questions or you’re welcome to reach out to them directly as well. Or a little bit of both.

Transparency is really important to us. We believe transparency is important to our clients too, which is why they are copied on the steps of the transaction and have a copy of the file # with which to reference when contacting their Title agent. Our desire is to make sure that you feel comfortable throughout the transaction. One great thing is that when it comes to selling your rural vacant land, it’s a lot easier than selling a house! You can sell it by owner. You can work with a real estate investor like TB Properties Buys Land. We pay in cash, which means that we’re able to close quickly and we always close the title company, which means there’s safety on both sides. But if you have questions about selling your property directly to a real estate investor like TB Properties Buys Land, reach out to us. We’re happy to answer any questions that you might have and we look forward to working with you. Thanks again.
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