Did Your Contract Offer Expire?

Did Your Contract Offer Expire?
Hi, I’m Beth with TB Properties Buys Land. Today we’re going to talk about, did your offer expire? So did you receive a letter in the mail with an offer to buy your rural vacant land? Maybe it was 10 acres, 20 acres, maybe it was as many as 300 acres. Within that offer there’s an expiration date that says please turn this in by this date or the contract is null and void. So what if it’s gone beyond that? What if you needed some extra time to consider whether you wanted to sell your land to a real estate investor? Can you still reach out to TB Properties Buys Land? Well, TB Properties Buys Land is comprised of Tim Brown and myself, and we have offices. He’s up in Oregon. I’m here in Texas. And we purchase property, we purchase rural land all over the country in many different areas.

So if your contract has expired, it’s gone past that due date, please feel free to reach out to us because we are purchasing all over the country and there is a chance that we’d still be willing to purchase your land. Maybe it just takes us looking at it a second time and determining if we’re still interested in that area, if we’re still purchasing that size property, but it’s always worth a chance because again, like I said, we’re buying rural vacant land in Washington, Oregon, Montana, Texas, Missouri, Arkansas, Louisiana, Oklahoma, Florida, Georgia, the Carolinas, Wisconsin. Just all over the country we’re looking for land, 10 plus acres, generally speaking, and most of the time it is vacant land. We have purchased property with structures on it in the past, but it’s not something that we normally do, but we are willing to do that.

The way that we work is we send you an offer letter or we send you a contract. It’s a purchase agreement, one page. It’s very simple, calling out what property we’re purchasing, and it states all the closing costs that we’re covering, which is everything. It calls out the escrow fees for the buyer and the seller, the recording fees, the title insurance, any excise tax, and again, the recording fees that go to the county. But we cover all of that. We close through a title company so that you are protected, and we also pay in cash so that you’re not waiting on a loan from a lender or an appraiser to get out there. We’re able to close really quickly, as fast as two weeks in some counties. Other counties take three to four weeks. It just depends on that title company, how fast they’re able to close, but they’re not waiting on us, which is nice.

So if you have any questions about selling your bare land, wherever it’s located, and no matter how long ago that you received an offer letter, we’re willing to take a look at that and check on that price and make sure everything can move forward if we have to. But please reach out to us. You can give us an email. You can call us. We do answer the phone. Or notify us through the website. We look forward to hearing back from you. Thanks.

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