Case Study: Out of State Vacant Land Sale

Case Study: Out of State Vacant Land Sale
Hi, I’m Beth with TB Properties Buys Land. Today I thought I would discuss a transaction that we had worked through recently. It’s pretty much a typical transaction, what we normally work through time in and time out. Now, the couple that I’m discussing today, they had two 40 acre parcels that were adjacent to each other and the parcels were located out of state from where they now lived. They’d had them forever, they just didn’t really utilize them anymore since they were out of state, but they’ve been paying property taxes on them. the property taxes were pretty high but it wasn’t that big of a deal to them. It’s not like they needed the money at all but they were just tired of paying expensive property taxes on two properties they weren’t using anymore. They’d gotten a letter in the mail from us and they thought they would reach out.

Now, this couple is not the normal couple that we deal with. They were really, really resourceful. And what I mean by that is that they had already gone to a realtor before, and they hadn’t had very good luck with the realtor, the realtor had taken pictures of just a satellite view from Google Earth and had outlined property lines around the property. The realtor actually hadn’t even gone out to the property and taken pictures. The couple we were working with had also called neighbors around the area and asked them if they were interested in buying their properties, and they hadn’t gotten any traction there either. After their realtor agreement had run out and they got a letter in the mail from us, they thought they would reach out to us and talk to us. After speaking with them on the phone, we took a look at their properties, we asked them some questions, went out there to visit, and it took us probably about a week to go and make them an offer on the property just because of weather conditions.

This was middle of winter, there was a lot of snow, that kind of thing, but we were able to make them an offer and get that purchase agreement off to closing, off to title. So it took about three weeks to close, due to holidays and such, and they got their check in the mail. This is the story of a pretty typical transaction with us, where somebody gets a letter in the mail from us, they give us a shout, we’re able to ask them questions, make sure that the offer is accepted and then it gets sent off to the title company for closing. They were able to get a cashier’s check in the mail from that title company after we closed. And it all wrapped up in about three to four weeks because of weather conditions and holidays but they were pretty happy. They had been resourceful, they had tried multiple options and were able to finally get some cash in hand.

A lot of people don’t realize when you’ve got rural vacant land, is that it can be hard to sell sometimes. If that land’s been sitting out there and you don’t have a maintained driveway, things haven’t been mowed or trimmed, it could look kind of ugly and some people may not want to purchase that way. Some people like to buy land where it’s ready to go and looks good. Some realtors are great and they’ll get out there and take pictures. Maybe they’ve got video too but some realtors aren’t great and they don’t put the time in and you don’t get represented the way your land should be.

So if you’ve gone down that route, if you’ve been frustrated and not been able to sell your property, if you’re looking for something to close relatively quickly, feel free to reach out to us. It’s not going to hurt you to go and get a quote and see what we can do and how fast we could close and go from there. But whether you get ahold of us by phone call at 214-699-4455 or by email, through our website, we look forward to working with you and answering any questions that you might have. Thanks again for listening.
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