Can You Sell More Than One Property at the Same Time?

Can You Sell More Than One Property at the Same Time?
Hi, I’m Beth with TB Properties Buys Land and what I’m going to discuss with you today is if you have more than one parcel of vacant land, can you sell them at the same time? First, in order to answer that question for you we’re going to have to know where these parcels are located. Are your parcels in the same county? Are they in the same state or not?

The answer to your question is yes, you can sell more than one parcel at the same time, it’s just how we go about doing that. If you’ve got multiple parcels located in the same county, what we can do is on that one-page purchase agreement, we can list all your parcels of land that you are interested in selling. We would list their APNs and their legal descriptions, and we’d be able to close in the same transaction with the title company no matter how many parcels you are willing to sell in the same county.

If your parcels are located in different counties within the same state or within different states, what we have to do is provide you with different purchase agreements. Each county will require its own purchase agreement. We would simply provide a different purchase agreement per county that you are selling in. It doesn’t matter whether it’s a different county in that same state or in different states. Each county will require its own purchase agreement.

Right now, TB Properties Buys Land is in the process of purchasing three parcels from two different family members, and they wanted to sell everything at the same time. The only way they’d be willing to sell was if we bought all of their property. We had sent a letter for just one parcel. I think it was like 50 acres, but they wanted to sell 340 acres altogether. So what we did was because it was two different family members, we had one purchase agreement for the one property for the husband and wife. And then for the son that was selling his two parcels, we put those two parcels within the same county on a separate purchase agreement.

In this case, everyone signed their respective purchase agreements and it’s all going to the title company at the same time. Even though there are 2 transactions for 3 parcels of land and 2 different sellers, we expect to close at the same time and everyone will be funded at the same time. Again, because the transaction involves two different owners, we have to have two different purchase agreements and although one owner has two parcels in the same county, both parcels are able to be on single purchase agreement. Hopefully, that makes sense.

If you’ve received a letter in the mail, and you’re interested in selling your rural vacant land, feel free to reach out to us. We’re happy to look at as many parcels as you’re willing to sell and provide you a quote to see if you would like to work with us. We’ve had some other people come back to us and say, “Hey, the letter that you sent us, we’re not interested in selling that particular parcel, but we do have land elsewhere. Would you be willing to buy that?” We are always willing to look and we purchase property all over the country so please give us a try.

We always close through a title company that handles transactions within that county, that way there’s safety on both sides. They’re going to close the transaction, they’re going to receive the funding from us and they’re going to make sure it’s certified funds and they’re going to do all the paperwork. As long as everything goes through a reputable Title Company, we can know it will be done right. We know it’s recorded with the county, we know that you have title insurance, and then we know that you’re going to get funded with certified funds.

If you have any questions, please reach out to us. We’re willing to answer those across our website, email, by phone at 214-699-4455. Either way, a person will answer the phone if you’re going to give us a call. We are interested in talking to you. If you have any questions, let us know. Thanks again for listening.

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