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Do You Want To Sell Your Vacant Land In Costilla County, CO?

Would You Rather Get Cash Now Instead Of Having To Pay More Taxes On Your Land?

We will make an offer on any piece of land, no matter the situation! We are interested in all property types.

Sell your land easily anywhere around Costilla County, CO.

TB Properties Buys Land is ready to make you an offer on your raw, vacant, or bare land today!

We want to buy agricultural, rural, residential or commercial properties throughout Costilla County, CO. If you’re curious about selling your vacant land and want to avoid all hassles and commissions, then give us a call now for a fast and fair offer! 214-699-4455

Are You In One Of These Tough Spots? 

  • You have not been able to sell your vacant land.
  • Paying taxes on land every year is a burden. 
  • Owning a property that does not bring in income is tough.
  • You’d rather have the cash to spend than the land that you inherited.
  • It’s been difficult to get caught up on the taxes that have fallen behind.
  • Agents say they’ll work hard to sell your land, but they have not done it.

You don’t have to face problems like those alone. We help people who are facing situations like those.

You do not have to wait for months and months in order to sell your land. We can give you a fair offer soon and then close when you want.

You Cut Out The Middleman When We Purchase Your Property Directly.

No commissions, no fees, no hassles, no gimmicks. We’ll give you an offer. Then you can choose if our offer is a fit for you. It’s that simple.

Then we can close on your terms. No need to wait on banks because you get to skip that hassle. You won’t pay commissions, closing costs, or hidden fees. We’ll take care of all of those things. Learn just how easy it is to sell your land.

We Are Looking For Rural Acreage, Water Lots, Advertising Lots, Suburban Lots, City Lots, Ranches, Farms & Agricultural Land.

Sell your land easily anywhere around Costilla County, CO.

Working with a buyer directly is usually the best way to sell lots, raw land, a ranch, a farm, acreage, or agricultural land. Agents know that the commissions on land are lower than houses. Plus the land market is slower than a real estate with houses. So agents just cannot give selling land the same attention that they give to selling houses.

When a piece of land is listed on the MLS, the price is usually inflated to cover commissions and other fees. If it’s not inflated, then those costs come out of the seller’s profit. 

Typically less money and less effort is put into marketing a parcel of land. So the result is that the listing ends up sitting there without much attention. Then the agent recommends slashing the price to spark some attention. And that scenario may happen every few months. That can really cut into profits.

You Can Skip Listing And Sell Your Land Directly To Us.

We are land specialists. We will give you a fair price for your property. We have the knowledge, patience, and expertise to help you reach your real estate goals with your property. 

We will not make you wait around while we try to get financing because we’re ready to buy today. We don’t want to waste your time with unnecessary banks, agents, fees, and costs.

We buy vacant land. We want you to know that you can sell your land easily and for a fair price!

We only need a little info from you about your land using the form below to get started. Or, if you prefer to call and discuss your property first, just give us a call at 214-699-4455.

We will review the property and make you an all-cash offer. If you accept, we can close fast and on your schedule. There is never any hassle, just a simple offer. You can take it or leave it. It’s up to you.

Find Out What We Can Do For You Now! 

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